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Adam Jordan Associates is always looking for candidates, and we're willing to give you a financial incentive to refer people our way.

If you know a professional who is qualified, bright, imaginative, and dedicated, introduce them to Adam Jordan Associates

- If your referral gets hired by a client company, you get $2,000 as a referral bonus (referral must stay employed for 90 days)

For more information or if you'd prefer to offer your referral over the phone, please contact us at (954) 346-2788.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Referral Offer Rules

* Upon receipt of a referral, Adam Jordan Associates will send you an email message that confirms the information you have forwarded to us. Please retain that message for your records.


* Referrals are in effect for six months from the date of referral.


* To qualify, referrals must be candidates with whom Adam Jordan Associates has had no prior contact. In the event that prior contact has occurred, Adam Jordan Associates will provide you with information pertaining to the time and nature of the contact.


* Payment will be made for the referral when the invoice is paid to Adam Jordan Associates and any guarantee period has expired (typically 90 days after the candidate's start date)


* Referral fees will be paid only once for any individual candidate.


* Referral fees will be paid only for direct referrals. Fees for indirect referrals (from a referred party) will not be paid to the original referring party.


* Anonymous referrals will be paid $1000 This offer may be changed at any time, and these rules will apply only to referrals made before such changes occur.


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