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Information for AJA Candidates

The Benefits of Having Adam Jordan Associates, Inc. As Your Partner


Confidentiality: We are professional career placement experts, we are sensitive to your individual circumstances.  Our relationship with you is confidential and discreet.


  Technical Knowledge:  We specialize in the software industry and understand the software marketplace.


  Market Worth:  Based upon your technical skills, job history, education, and business savvy, we know what you’re worth.  Just ask us.  Lots of employers do!


  Employer Relationships & Connections:  Top employers in the software industry call upon Adam Jordan Associates regularly to help them find talent.


  Employer Respect:  For everyone's sake, an extensive candidate screening process is crucial.  After careful evaluation, many companies will want to interview you based solely on our verbal recommendation without even looking at your resume.


  Interview Preparation:  We make sure you are thoroughly prepared for your interview.  You’ll know everything you need to know about the company, the business they’re in, and the people you’ll be interviewing with.  You’ll know what to wear, where to go, what to say, and what not to say.  After the interview, we’ll even help you with proper follow-up.


  Hidden Job Market:  For a variety of business reasons, some of the best jobs never get published on the open job market.  If you have the right skills and background, we can confidentially expose you to this hidden job market.


  No Fees:  We offer a very specialized service to our employer / client companies.  They pay all of our fees and expenses, so don't worry and just concentrate on getting the job you want!


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